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Положительные отзывы от довольных клиентов являются лучшей рекомендацией

„Очень удобный сайт. Мы нашли квартиру быстро в том районе, где и искали. Менеджеры фирмы показали квартиру в удобное для нас время. Оформление тоже прошло быстро и качественно. Всем рекомендую эту фирму для поиска съемной квартиры.“

„После буквального отсутствия ответа от другой компании, занимающейся жилищным строительством в Мюнхене, мы пошли к мистеру Лоджу. На все звонки отвечаются сразу, на все электронные письма отвечали, и в течение недели у нас была идеальная квартира. Все устроено для вас, и найти квартиру не могло быть более безболезненно. Совершенно подвиг в городе, известном своей нехваткой квартир. Мы обязательно будем использовать их снова. Настоятельно рекомендуется!“
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„Mr.Lodge - отличное агентство недвижимости. Вы можете положиться на их фото и видео на их веб-сайте, потому что они точно такие же, если вы не хотите просматривать это место. После первого месяца, когда я переехал в Мюнхен, мне нужно было быстро найти место, иначе я буду в отеле или где-то еще, они были очень отзывчивы и помогли мне найти место и успокоиться.“
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    „The processes from making appointment of reviewing the apartment to signing the rental contract are efficient. The service is very professional. Thank you!“
    (2020-08-03 at 18:14 - eKomi)

    „The customer advisor was very kind and available to help me with all my requirements and questions. She helped me a lot to rent the apartment in a short time.“
    (2020-07-17 at 19:52 - eKomi)

    „I could never be thankful enough for the help I have received from Mr. Lodge, I've found a very good place to live in Germany thanks to this great team.“
    (2019-06-07 at 19:27)

    „The apartment has everything you need for the daily routine. Everything was clean and plenty of storage place. I will use the service again if needed in future.“
    (2019-05-06 at 10:28)

    „I am very satisfied with the service provided by Mr.Lodge, and I will recommend it to my friends.“
    (2019-04-01 at 10:15)

    „Mr Lodge is an easy way to find your apartment in Munich. The process is very efficient and the staff are very friendly and so helpful. The move to Munich was made extremely easy with Mr. Lodge.“
    (2019-03-17 at 13:55)

    „Great service, especially if you do not speak German.“
    (2019-02-07 at 13:59)

    „Mr. Lodge is the most reliable agency to get an apartment in Munich. They are flexible and professional. Also they are one of the only agencies where you can find a fully furnished apartment!“
    (2019-01-08 at 12:56)

    „Renting process was easy and quick. The house is exactly like in the pictures.“
    (2018-12-07 at 06:56)

    „Multilanguage speakers, it really helps.“
    (2018-11-19 at 11:03)

    „All perfect, very clever, nice and understandable, excellent service. Special thanks to Mr. Lodge.“
    (2018-11-21 at 17:40)

    „I am very satisfied with the customer support. The rent- now option is interesting and efficient.“
    (2018-10-07 at 17:53)

    „Excellent and professioal support. I'll recomend to friends!“
    (2018-06-20 at 22:59)

    „Really satisfied with the customer orientation, fast email exchange and to-the-point support for someone like me moving to Germany from another country.“
    (2018-06-01 at 12:52)

    „Very good company. They have helped me in finding an apartment in Munich in a smoth and fast way.“
    (2018-01-09 at 19:32)

    „I am very satisfied. I found the perfect apartment in Munich through Mr. Lodge. Their customer support was very helpful in answering my numerous questions. I will definitely recommend Mr. Lodge to others.“
    (2017-10-05 at 14:43)

    „Very professional, eccellent service, no significant areas of improvement. I suggest Mr Lodge to clients needing a quick relocation and searching for all inclusive solutons.“
    (2016-04-05 at 23:16)

    „Service provided by Mr. Lodge was perfect, great photos, video and description of the apartment were very helpful to make our choice right.“
    (2015-10-15 at 17:44)
Customer review: The agent, ***, is very helpful and response to my request in short time.