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Hasenbergl - © Mr. Lodge GmbH
Hasenbergl - © Mr. Lodge GmbH

Меблированные квартиры на короткий срок в Мюнхене-Hasenbergl


The housing estate Hasenbergl was built mainly in the 1960s to alleviate the postwar housing shortage. It consists mostly of residential buildings with small apartments, as well as of some terraced houses. Hasenbergl got its name from the rabbits that were raised there for hunting purposes in the 18th century. The nearby Fasanerie (pheasantry) also refers to the quarter's historic location on former hunting grounds. The lakes Feldmochinger See, Fasaneriesee, and Lerchenauer See are also located nearby and are ideal for long walks and swimming in the summer. The lake on the boat race course adds to the lake scenery and rounds off the diverse leisure facilities. In recent years, the density of buildings has been increased. The relatively lower living standards, the lack of cultural activities, and the anonymity of this quarter affect its attractiveness. However, the quarter has been successfully revived in recent years: For example, the cultural center 2411, which is located in a district center that also houses a neighborhood shopping center, was opened. Hence, Hasenbergl is becoming more and more attractive. The underground stations Hasenbergl and Dülfestraße (both U2) connect the quarter to Munich's city center and other districts. The suburban train S1, with connection to the airport and Munich's surrounding area, can also be found nearby, at the suburban train station Feldmoching.


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